Making History Come Alive:                                     

German-American Influences and Contributions in Philadelphia 

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This research project presents the major, tangible contributions made by immigrants from German-speaking lands in Europe and their American-born descendants to the commercial, religious, social, educational, cultural, artistic and military fabric of American society. It is intended to tell a story of how these contributions directly influenced colonial and American life at the time of their discovery, as well as how they continue to impact our lives today.  Many of the institutions founded by these Germans and German-Americans continue to thrive, thus imparting the skills, intellect and insight of these talented and determined people to the citizens of greater Philadelphia today.

I invite you to visit these sites and historic markers on the following web pages and later to explore them on your own as they appear throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. It's a fascinating story and an important chapter of American history. Benjamin Franklin may well have articulated it best when he observed, "America cultivates best what Germany brought forth."

Marlene H. K. Stocks

blueball.gif (205 bytes)    Early History: The Founding of Germantown

blueball.gif (205 bytes)    Religion

blueball.gif (205 bytes)    The War for Independence

blueball.gif (205 bytes)    Medicine, Education and Science

blueball.gif (205 bytes)    Commerce and Industry

blueball.gif (205 bytes)    Arts

blueball.gif (205 bytes)    Music

blueball.gif (205 bytes)    Architecture and Engineering

blueball.gif (205 bytes)    Cultural Organizations

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